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Experts in Sport & Spine Medicine, Elite Pain Management has helped THOUSANDS of patients and athletes overcome pain and thrive.

We’ve earned a reputation for top care in Sport and Spine medicine and pain management with over 10 years of service in southern California.

Experts in Sport & Spine Medicine, Elite Pain Management has helped THOUSANDS of patients and athletes overcome pain and thrive.

We’ve earned a reputation for top care in Sport and Spine medicine and pain management with over 10 years of service in southern California.


Why Choose Elite Pain Management?

Unlike other pain management clinics, we offer comprehensive care and a personalized approach.
Our team is comprised of Board Certified doctors. We are a practice that will take care of your joint, muscle or spine injury rather than jumping to surgery. Our experience in regenerative therapies is unmatched because of our highly trained doctors and top of the line equipment. Our facility has the best and newest machines in the industry. Combining advanced technology, skilled providers, and a caring staff will ensure you get back to being active again.

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Meet Our Founder, Dr. Marc Cheng MD.

A southern California native and UCLA Medical School alum, Dr. Cheng found inspiration in the active lifestyle of his community, and was driven towards comprehensive pain management solutions that would empower patients to lead full and dynamic lives without physical limitation. This would lead to Elite Pain Management, the foremost pain management clinic in Santa Ana and Newport Beach.

During his clinical clerkships Dr. Cheng was awarded a letter of distinction for excellence in patient care. He stayed at UCLA for his anesthesiology residency to treat patients with complex diseases gaining invaluable experience. During residency, Dr. Cheng conducted research in chronic pain patients and published his findings in the journal Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine.

Dr. Cheng has given multiple presentations at meetings for the American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Western Anesthesia Residency Conference. He has served on the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee as an expert member in pain management.

The Pillars of Our Patient-First Approach


Top Physicians & Exacting Care

Like many of our sports Medicine patients, we’re competitive- we want to give you the BEST possible care.  Our doctors are board-certified and continually devote time each year attending conferences and seminars to ensure we’re using innovative medicine that will best serve you.


Technology, Stem Cells & More

We combine the intuition and experience of healing thousands of patients over a combined 40 years of practice with the progressive focus on learning and implementing emerging technologies to better patients’ outcomes and comfort levels. Learn more about our stem cell and other treatments.


Fewer Meds & Less Invasive Techniques

We use minimally invasive techniques such as PRP, ultrasound and fluoroscopic guidance to further minimize reliance on pain medications, limit the need for costly and time-consuming treatments, and get you back to sport.  Advanced therapies help avoid invasive surgeries.


Achievable Goals & Measurable Results.

We focus on the long-term and tailor treatment plans to individuals’ objectives.  We are progress focused and use attainable objectives to track a patients’ trajectory while adapting treatments along the way.

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Meet Dr. Kevin Trinh, MD

Dr. Trinh received his bachelor’s degree at UC Berkeley where he discovered his interest in musculoskeletal pain while volunteering for the disabled. He went on to earn his medical degree at UC Davis School of Medicine where he continued his service to the pain community as he was co-director of UCD Paul Hom Community Clinic. He completed residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine in New York where he was honored to serve as Chief Resident and later awarded the prestigious membership into AOA Medical Honors Society for his contributions to the residency program and leadership in community service.

Dr. Trinh returned to his home state of California to complete his fellowship training in Pain Management at Loma Linda School of Medicine. He has published numerous pain management journal articles as well as book chapters in pain management textbooks. He is an award recipient for best podium presentation at both New York/New Jersey Society of Interventional Pain Physicians Symposium and Hofstra School of Medicine Research Day.

Dr. Trinh loves to travel and enjoys the outdoors with his wife and family. He is actively involved with his church and spends time mentoring members of the youth group. He also likes to spend time playing basketball and tennis, and has a newfound interest in wood crafts.


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