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Sports Medicine

Our practice treats various athletes from swimmers to golf using the latest advances in sports medicine. The goal of sports medicine is to maximize performance enhancement while focusing on injury and illness prevention. Diagnosis is very important for treatment and utilizing the best rehabilitation program. Prescription for exercise and health also takes into consideration nutrition, a multitude of environmental extremes, and playing field terrain.

The individual athlete will develop a tailored program focusing an any previous medical condition, lifestyle, and current physical activity. Our sports medicine practice uses a multidisciplinary approach that includes physical therapy, MRI imaging, ultrasound, and interventional procedures.

Teamwork is important for analyzing and improving conditions that result from overuse injuries. Once a diagnosis is ascertained, our physician led team is able to employ sport specific therapy.

Individual athletes have very different problems depending on their sport. For example, a tennis player must analyze their swing starting from the neck down to the wrist. The kinetic chain actually involves multiple sites of movement from the head down to the feet. Force that is used incorrectly to any of the
intermediate joints can lead to overuse injury and chronic pain. Frequent problems tennis players develop include tennis elbow and hip pain. All of these can be corrected by changing the underlying biomechanics and then focusing on directed exercises or regenerative injections.

Top reasons to see our sports medicine physicians:

  • Extensive training in expertise and sports specific injuries
  • Most intense therapies for pain conditions related to shoulder, knee, spine
  • Past diagnostic imaging techniques including musculoskeletal diagnostic ultrasound and MRI
  • Utilizing a team approach of both physical therapists, nutrition, health and wellness
  • Return to the medicine techniques such as platelet which plasma and stem cells
  • Caring and efficient scheduling staff

Our assessment of physical fitness focuses on multiple factors of sports medicine:

Cardiovascular endurance – ability of the heart and lung to sustain physical exertion during high
intensity exercise.

Muscle strength – ability to exert force against resistance. It is very helpful in preventing injury by
stabilizing the joints.

Muscular endurance – ability of the muscle to exert force repetitively

Mobility – healthy range of movement especially at shoulder, knee and hip joints

Body composition – a healthy balance between body muscle, fat, bones and other tissues is very
important for physical fitness

Agility – ability to change direction with speed and precision.

Balance – ability to remain steady when stationary or with movement.

Coordination – ability to use senses like vision, hearing and touch to carry out the tasks smoothly.

Power – ability to perform work rapidly and forcefully.

Reaction time – ability to react to a stimulus rapidly.

Treatment options for joint pain is best achieved through a combination of injection in conjunction with graded rehabilitative exercise. Individual programs may include a cortisone shot, regenerative medicine, PRP injection, PRP treatment or stem cell therapy which boosts the body’s natural ability to heal.

If your pain does not resolve after a brief period, contact us so that we may help diagnose the problem and treat the underlying cause. Do not let pain persist or else it may become chronic.


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